Procurement: The Little Giant


January13, 2007: Israels arms sales last year were $4.5 billion. This is about ten percent of all arms exports sales, world-wide, and makes Israel the fourth largest exporter (behind the U.S., Britain and Russia). The U.S. has, since the end of the Cold War, accounted for about a third of world arms sales, but Israeli sales have been constantly rising. About a third of Israel's sales last year were to one customer; India. Since 2002, Israel has sold $4.3 billion worth of weapons to India. About ten percent of the sales to India are for Barak anti-missile systems for ships. The Barak system uses small missiles to shoot down incoming anti-ship missiles. Israel weapons have a solid reputation for reliability and effectiveness. Israeli success in several wars adds to the appeal of their armaments. U.S. and Israeli arms manufacturers often work together, which also gives Israel an edge when selling their equipment.




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