Procurement Article Archive 2010


A Satisfied MiG Customer Wants MoreOrphaned Cheetahs Find A Home in Ecuador Venezuela Forced To Buy Cheap Chinese Substitute
Iran And The Deadly TemptationChina Puts A Price On CharityJapan Builds Its Own UH-60
Poland Takes The Heat In The PhilippinesBritain Doubles Its Reaper FleetGermans Successfully Blitz The System
Working Aircraft Carrier Put Up For AuctionSouth Africa Forces China To Play NiceEvil Russian Arms Dealers Corrupt Frugal U.S. Soldiers
Russia Gifts LebanonHelicopters Bring Russia And China TogetherTurkmenistan Rearms
The Big BoomCounterfeits To Die For, Or FromWhat Is So Super About The Tucano
United Arab Emirates Embrace ApachesEgypt Gets The C295AW139 & AW101
Doing Things The Turkish WayBlack Hawk Of ArabiaRussians Get Their Sales Mojo Back
The Awesome Weapon Of ArabiaSaudis Get The Super ApacheRussia Seeks A New Tomorrow
France Shows The WaySwedish Blackhawks Head For Afghanistan Going Long To Save
Iraqis Get 8,000 Cheap HummersChina Masters Modern Weapons TechnologyMobilizing The Museum
Must Have More Su-30sFree, With StringsArgentina Tries A Little Russian
Cold War Surplus Moves EastArming Yemen Against Al QaedaGetting What You Need, Not What You Want
Taiwan Gets A BreakIraq RearmsGarmin Goes To War
Why Pakistan Cannot Have PredatorsSerbia Again Arms IraqWhy The F-35 Is A Hard Sell
China Building Legal Russian HelicoptersCanada Cracks Down On IraniansVietnam Buys French To Screw China
South Africa Gets Smart BombsThe Big Five Fight To Stay Alive Giving To Find Pirates
The Hard Core Prefer RussianThe True Cost Of WarThe Irish-Iranian Axis
Canada Buys F-35sAnti-Submarine Helicopters For AustraliaThe Ultimate Warranty
Urgent Operational RequirementsGarage Sale Time In GermanyItaly 2, South Korea 0
Gunrunners With PermissionUSAF Helps The Army Hit The TargetRussians Seek French Infantry Gear
American Tech Puts Iranian Satellite Into OrbitRussia Seeks The KnowledgeCheap Euros Change The Game
Cheap Chinese Fighter Fleet In VenezuelaThe Philippines Prefers Polish ChoppersThe Global Defense Budget
Loot And LiabilityForbidden Aircraft Flock To IranShadows For Sweden
Amphibians For Vietnam Desperation Spurs MiG-29 SalesAustralia Gets Shadow
Foreigners Sniff Out Little BirdIsrael Buys The Long ArmCome To Russia And Get Screwed
Peru Gets Russian ChoppersThe Flexible EC135Rule Britannia
It's Always Sunny In VenezuelaIran Has The Warranty BluesChina Strokes Bolivia
Advantages Of Advanced TrainersWhatever WorksF-16 Beats The F-35
Argentina Goes LowThe Big PlayersThe Engines Of War
Really, Really Heavily ArmedThe North Korean Super Shopper SpeaksRussia Has Left The Basement
Iran Is Foiled Again, And AgainThe Mobility King Of MRAPsYet Even Still More Strykers
Missiles For The MassesRussia Seeks French ArmorTwo By Two, For The Boys In Blue
Nothing But A Few Of The BestPolish Rotors Over Afghanistan Is The Credit Slut Back?
Flying Out of The Stalinist PastFrance Tries A ComebackSniper XTP
Ganging Up On IranPretending To Not Deceive ChinaMavericks For Iran
North Korea Find A WayThailand Keeps UpColombia Manufactures Israeli Weapons
Free Gunship PartsThe StingChinese Roads and Gunships In Africa
Heron Hustles After PredatorThe Arab Arms Development PowerhouseThe Other Korea Sells More And Does It Legal
Breaking BrokersReplacing A LegendPakistan Wants More Helicopter Gunships



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