Procurement Article Archive 2023


NATO Returning to Cold War StandardsNotorious North Korean MunitionsRussian Military Production
North Korean Assistance BackfiresThe Danish Straits and Russian Oil SmugglingCrowdfunding Naval Supremacy
Russia Sells Iran 50 Su-35sUkraine 2024 Aid from NATO AnnouncedUkraine Maximizes and Militarizes Competition
Tanks Sent to UkraineTurkey Developing a Stealth FighterRussia Has a Plan
Israeli Success Modifying Its F-35sAustralia Goes HIMARSAMPCs Begin Replacing M-113s
UAE Armored TrucksThe Reverse Engineering IndustryRussia Mobilizes Military Production
T-55 ForeverChinese Shipyards Build Whatever Is NeededIran Schemes and Succeeds
India Manufacturing American Jet Engines SA-6 Elderly but Still DeadlyThe Last MiG-21s in Europe
Many More GMLRS OrderedUkraine Receiving Lots of Western TanksSouth Korea Sanctions North Korea
The Politics Of Japanese Support For UkraineNorway Upgrades Its Tank ForcesAdapting To Sanctions
Iranian Smugglers SufferSpike ATGM Production Moves to EuropeSubstantial Side Effects Of The Ukraine War
Replacing What Was Sent To UkraineExposing Russian Smuggling



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