Procurement Article Archive 2013


Russia Wishes The World A Scary New YearRussia Tries The Sit DownChina Pays To Play In Cambodia
Taiwan Finally Gets Its ApachesAfghanistan Gets Cut Off By The Syrian Civil WarIndia Confronts The Curse
The Philippines Gets Some New New HelicoptersWhy Iran Hates The DEATurks Resist Buying Local UAVs
Unofficial Reaper Replacement Survives And ThrivesRussian Su-30s Expand In The Sub-Saharan Africa MarketGolden Fakes
Trying To Bury IranRussia Gets Serious About QualityIranian Smugglers Slowed But Not Stopped
Dutch Treat For the F-35Russian Helicopters Return To AfricaU.S. Air Force Sticks With Huey
The Downside Of VirtueMiG Aircraft Corporation On Life SupportVietnam Stocks Up On More Su-30s
Cuba Caught Selling Weapons To North KoreaWhy Arms Embargoes LeakFear Of Failure In Syria
How Russia Defies Syria SanctionsMiG-35 Matches The F-35 In DelaysIndonesia Settles For What Works
How Russia Lost IndiaGold And Lead Transform SudanIsrael Becomes The Little Giant
The Last Of The Kfirs Are For SaleLakota Becomes The Export SpecialOld Reliable Beats Out New And Expensive
Why Israel Runs With The Big DogsAzerbaijan Seeks Security From The Iranian ThreatIraq Invaded By Russians
USMC Builds Their Backup SystemHow Israeli Tech Gets To Eager Moslem CustomersRussia Battles Incompetent Shipyards
Toxic Imports And Fatal FakesDual-Use In AzerbaijanThe Last Of The Lakotas
No Sale For MiGsSouth Korea Buys Local Jet FightersCivilian Black Hawk For Commandos
Reaper Reined InRussia Cancels The Escape ClauseThe Big Ten Go On A Diet
A Spectacular Fail For North KoreaThe Implied Bribe And Fear Of BuyingPeru Cannot Get Enough Mi-17s
Swedish Jets Cheap But Not That CheapForbidden Treasure Of The DesertThe Party Is Over
China Passes BritainHummer Of ArabiaDelivered In An Unmarked Container
Russia Rearms With CrapChina Buys CambodiaSanctions Versus The Black Market
Russia Battles China Over BangladeshMore For The Iraq Army Air CorpsArms For The Cheap And Clueless
Recycling Cold War Super ShellsGreece Makes Do With A Lot LessBritish Choppers For The Philippines
Russia Buys Its Way InDealing With The AMRAAM Shortage



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