Procurement Article Archive 2011


Express Delivery For OzJapan Settles For The F-35Iran And The North Korean Connection
The Mightiest Merchants Of DeathIran Gets What It WantsBritish Harriers Join The U.S. Marine Corps
Death By CounterfeitThe Singapore StingThe Mongoose And The Cobra And Turkey
Legal Chinese Missiles In IranRussian Generals Resist Buying RussianTu-160 Dying From Spares Shortage
Argentina Plays The China CardNorth Korean Air Force Left To RotOnly The Best Will Do
Po Hang Retires To The TropicsReally Big NumbersSouth Korea Settles On Phalanx
The F-35 Price Flies Too HighIndia And The Great Hunger Feeding Civil War Fever In Afghanistan
Ukraine Feeds The Chinese War MachineVenezuela Feasts on Russian Arms LoansThe Strange Journey Of The JF-17
Turks Do It All, Or At Least Most Of ItChina Gives J-10s AwayAnother MiG Mess For The Mongols
The Big Three Missile MerchantsA Perfect Storm Of Incompetence, Corruption And Pressure From AboveSu-30s Over Africa
China StrugglesThe Wisdom Of The CzarComrade, Can You Spare A Stolen Component
Pursuing Perilous Pakistani Plutonium Plant Paint Will Go Through Hell For BellCheap Ballistic Missiles, Shipping Extra
France Backs An Old EnemyMighty Little IsraelHermes Prowls The Long Coast Of Chile
Death By CounterfeitWhen The Best Just Won't DoFrance Follows The Money And Safety
Iran Almost Gets Israeli HelicoptersWhy Shoddy Shipbuilders SurviveNorth Korean Smuggler Ships Busted On The Amsterdam Run
Lifesavers Are Late And Over BudgetBulgaria Follows ChinaRobbing The Poor To Give To The Rich
The Cost Of Hitting The Shores Of TripoliVenezuela Cuts BackNew Zealand Pays To Stay Ahead
The Great Robotic Aircraft ShortageChina Goes From Buyer To SellerNew Isn't Necessary
War Fever Makes South Korea PayNorway Resists Another InvasionAnother Martyr For Iran
Belarus Can't Help ItCheap And Proven Is Hard To BeatAzerbaijan Rearms
The Alchemy Of Turning Gold Into LeadThe Cost Of Former GloryRepackaging The Soviet Past
Replacing Apache War LossesSting Stops Stinger SaleSecret Agents At Their Worst
Turks To The RescueCanada Seeks Sale Of Recently Bought CH-47s F-35 Is Later, More Expensive And Fewer
South Korea Demands BetterA Plague Of Poor PartsTake My MiG-29s, Please



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