Procurement: Stryker Specials Secured


July 21, 2007: The U.S. Army has ordered another
165 Stryker armored vehicles, at a cost of about $1.6 million each. Most of
these are special purpose versions. But 31 are the standard Infantry Carrier
Vehicles. Another 25 are the Reconnaissance version, , 19 are Mortar (120mm)
Carriers , 46 are Command Vehicles (extra radios and computers for a
headquarters on wheels), 14 are Fire Support Vehicles (guys who call in
artillery and air strikes), 11 are Engineer Vehicles (carry combat engineers
and their equipment), and 19 are ambulances. Also part of the order were 88
Kongsberg Protector Remote Weapons Stations (which enable someone inside the
vehicle to fire an 12.7mm machine-gun in the turret).




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