Procurement: Singapore Secures Smart Rockets


September 19, 2007: Singapore is buying 18 U.S. truck mounted MLRS (HIMARS) rocket launchers. This system carriers only one six rocket container (instead of two in the MLRS), but the 12 ton truck can fit into a C-130 transport (unlike the 22 ton tracked MLRS). The first of the 900 HIMARS vehicles were issued to American combat units three years ago. The U.S. Army is using most of the HIMARS, with the marines getting the rest. Singapore is one of several export customers. Singapore is also buying 32 pods (six rocket cells) containing the 680 pound GMLRS (guided multiple launch rocket system) rocket. This GPS guided 227mm rocket was first used three years ago. It has a range of 70 kilometers and the ability to land within meters of its intended target at any range. This is because it uses GPS (plus a back up inertial guidance system) to find its target. Singapore is getting the version with a 180 pound high explosive warhead. The U.S. Army is buying 100,000 GMLRS , which have been used with great success in Iraq and Afghanistan. The guided rocket is much more effective than the older, unguided, version, and appears to be replacing it.




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