Procurement: Who's The Biggest Buyer Of Them All?


May 9, 2007: India has become the largest importer of weapons in the world. Over the last three years, India has imported over $10 billion worth of arms. With a GDP of $800 billion, India is spending about 2.5 percent of its GDP on defense. China, with 20 percent more people, has a GDP of $2.5 trillion and spends nearly five percent of GDP on defense. While China produces more of its own weapons than India, it still runs a close second when it comes to arms imports. Pakistan, with only about 1/7th Indias population, has a GDP of $125 billion, and spends about 4.5 percent of that on defense.

China spends a lot more than India on nuclear weapons, missiles, warships and aircraft. China has twice as many troops as India. While China and India share a border, and have border disputes, the land in question is mountainous wasteland.

The biggest suppliers to both China and India, is Russia. But India is buying a lot more from the West. There is a huge order in the works. India is seeking to buy 126 modern fighters, for over $6 billion, from whoever will offer the best deal. India is also trying to create its own arms industries. But it is finding, like China and Russia did before it, that this takes time, and a lot of money.




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