Procurement: Colombias Rearmament Plan


March 4, 2007: Colombia, after decades of fighting leftist rebels, drug gangs and vigilante groups, has finally gotten the upper hand. This was done largely because public opinion turned against the leftist rebels (who had increasingly become drug gangs and professional kidnappers), and the police and military were upgraded (better weapons and training.) To make the most of this trend, the government will spend $3.7 billion over the next four years to expand the security forces (20,000 more police and 18,000 more troops), as well as purchasing lots of new equipment. Most of this money will go to more transport (trucks, aircraft and helicopters), intelligence equipment (sensors, communications and computers) and upgrades for its elderly warships (frigates and submarines).

In addition, billions in dollars of equipment is expected from the United States, although the leftist rebels are enlisting their allies in the United States to try and get the Democrat controlled Congress to cut this.




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