Procurement: Timing Is Everything


November 3, 2007: The Israeli Air Force thought it had a sweet plan for replacing its aging CM-170 basic pilot trainers. An Israeli company was developing a lightweight (3.5 ton) jet trainer, and was going to compete with foreign (especially American) trainers to replace the 1960s era CM-170s. But the Israeli trainer, the Javelin VLJ, fell behind schedule. In response, the Israeli manufacturer offered to help keep the CM-170s airworthy until the Javelin VLJ was ready. That was not a good option, as most other air forces stopped using their CM-170s over a decade ago, and the Israeli CM-170s were worn out. Now it appears that the American T-6, which is used as a primary trainer by the U.S. Air Force, will get the contract. Timing is everything in life.




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