Procurement: Stealing Surplus Stuff


February4, 2007: Two Americans, former officials of the DRMS (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service), were recently convicted and sentenced to prison for selling surplus military equipment to people who were not supposed to get it. Most of these cases involved selling surplus hummers, still equipped for combat, for less than they were worth, and to people, in the Middle East, who were not supposed to have them. DRMS exists to prevent that sort of thing from happening, so having DRMS officials go bad is particularly troublesome. No weapons were involved. DRMS deals mostly in office equipment and vehicles. DRMS first tries to find someone else in the Department of Defense who can use the stuff. Failing that, the goods are sold or auctioned off for as high a price as possible. The convicted DRMS officials sold stuff off for much lower prices and pocketed the difference. The two of them took in less than a million dollars in profits, and were sentenced to 33 and 18 months in prison.




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