Procurement: Japan Persists in Pursuing the F-22


August 7, 2007: Japan is again trying to get the F-22. Many in the U.S. Congress are opposed to any export of the F-22, and its technologies. There's a law on the books to that effect, so any sale to Japan would require the cooperation of Congress. A major problem for the Japanese is a recent security scandal involving leaks of U.S. AEGIS radar secrets. In the past, Japan has been the conduit for crucial military technology getting to China and the former Soviet Union.

The Japanese are serious about getting the F-22, which they consider essential to defending their air space, and being able to penetrate enemy air space, to destroy ballistic and cruise missiles before they can be launched. To that end, Japan is going to upgrade their F-15J and F-4EJ aircraft with improved electronics, to provide several more years of high-tech aircraft in service, until the "F-22J" can show up (this could take a decade).




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