Procurement: Selling To Iran With A Straight Face


December 27, 2007: Iran is negotiating with Russia to buy some Ka-32 helicopters, and, more importantly, obtain a license to build the choppers in Iran. The Ka-32 is the civilian version of the Ka-27, and is a 12 ton aircraft than can carry up to four tons. It can stay in the air about four hours per sortie and cruises at 205 kilometers an hour. The Ka-27 has been used by the Russian navy since the 1970s. With the ability to manufacture the Ka-32 , Iran could easily convert them back to their original Ka-27 military configuration. The Ka-32, as a civilian aircraft, can be sold to Iran, with a straight face, by Russia. At the same time, Iran claims that Russia has agreed to sell them a billion dollars worth of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles. The S-300 is the Russian equivalent of the U.S. Patriot. On December 17th, Russia delivered its first shipment of nuclear fuel for an Iranian power plant it is building there.




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