Procurement: Europeans Get Dual-Guidance


May 4,2008: The Netherlands has purchased 200 Enhanced Paveway II dual-guidance GPS/laser-guided bomb kits, for use with 500 pound bombs. Earlier this year, France bought upgrade kits to turn its own GPS guided Paveway II laser guided smart bombs, turning them into dual mode (able to use laser or GPS guidance) versions. While laser guidance is the most accurate (able to hit within a few meters of the aim point), the laser guidance often fails in rain or mist (which disperses the laser light beam). Adding GPS guidance (which will land within ten meters of the aim point) provides a backup, or alternative, for the laser guidance. France also prefers to mount the Paveway guidance kits on 500 pound bombs. French warplanes have been using the American smart bombs in Afghanistan. The first one was dropped on April 1st, 2007. The Dutch have also had F-16s in Afghanistan, using smart bombs to provide support for NATO troops.




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