Procurement: Merchants Of Death Thank Iran


December 12,2008: Since September 11, 2001, annual U.S. weapons exports have tripled to over $32 billion. The customers (174) include nearly all the worlds nations. Most of the sales (by dollar terms) go to Arab nations in the Persian Gulf. There, the growing fear that Iran will resume its historical role of regional superpower, and attempt to take over the oil rich nations on the west coast of the Gulf, has triggered massive armaments purchases. So far, Iran has occupied some disputed island in the Persian Gulf, and claims it should control southern Iraq and eastern Arabia, because of the Islamic shrines located in those places. This has caused the Arabs to ready for war.

Throughout this period, most of the chaos in the world was still armed by Cold War surplus, sold cheap by former communist nations after 1991. In addition, China and Russia continue to be the suppliers of last resort for outlaws. North Korea and Iran will also sell to anyone. It's recently been revealed that China has been the primary exporter of nuclear weapons technology (to North Korea and Pakistan, both of whom passed it on, for a price).

U.S. weapons are sought because they are combat proven, and U.S. suppliers have a track record for good service. U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have been witnessed firsthand by Arab military men (unofficially) and they have reported on the effectiveness of U.S. equipment. Several Arab countries have quietly sent special operations units to Afghanistan, and individual military observers and operatives to Iraq.




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