Procurement: Ukraine Has A List


April 11, 2022: Ukraine is asking for and usually receiving new forms of military aid. This includes more tanks and artillery. In some cases, East European nations that still have some Soviet-era equipment in reserve are sending it to Ukraine. This includes T-72 tanks and BMP-1 IFVs (Infantry Fighting Vehicles) as well as S300 anti-aircraft missiles, launchers and radars. Britain is sending recently retired artillery and armored vehicles and Australia is sending ten armored vehicles.

Efforts to send Ukraine dozens of Cold War surplus MiG-29 fighters are delayed because no one wants to replace MiG-29s being sent that are still in use by the donor countries. Poland, for example, would like second-hand F-16s from the U.S. but the Americans won’t do it because it might make the Russians angrier. Other counties are willing to send the MiG-29 donors armed trainers or lease modern fighters on low terms with an option to purchase.

Ukraine also needs industrial equipment and building materials to help replace aircraft and combat vehicle depot (extensive) level maintenance and repair of aircraft or armored vehicles. Ukraine also needs help getting this year’s wheat, barley and corn crops planted. There are shortages of fertilizer and some farm equipment. Most cropland is not in any combat zone but are affected the war’s disruptions to the economy. One of those disruptions is the Russian naval blockade of Ukrainian Black Sea ports. This has left over a hundred cargo ships stranded in these ports, along with a thousand foreign officers and crew on board. Ukraine wants help freeing these ships from the blockade as well as some Western anti-ship missiles and other assistance in defeating the Russian blockade.

Ukraine appreciates foreign support and proclamations that Ukraine will win the war, but now Russia is concentrating on destroying the Ukrainian economy. Having lost their military effort Russia is concentrating on devastating the Ukrainian economy, even though Russian acknowledges their military operations were unable to overcome the Ukrainian defenders. Russia is widely condemned for its attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure and civilians while demanding reductions in sanctions before it will discuss any change in its operations against Ukraine. This approach has prompted Ukrainian allies to increase the military aid to unprecedented levels and pledged substantial assistance in rebuilding after the war.




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