Murphy's Law: Japan Legalizes Spy Sats


May 13,2008: Japan is passing a law to allow the Japan to manufacture and put into orbit military-grade reconnaissance satellites. The current law in Japan forbids the nation from any military use of space. That includes putting military grade spy satellites in orbit. The "spy satellites" Japan now has up there are actually civilian type survey (weather, crops, ecology, etc) satellites that are being used for military purposes. This means that Japan has second rate military satellites. The new law will change that. After World War II, Japan disarmed, and passed laws forbidding many military practices and options, like military space satellites.

That pacifistic attitude became much less popular as North Korea developed long range ballistic missiles, and test fired some of them in the direction of Japan. Then the Chinese developed similar missiles, and sporadic bursts of extreme hostility towards Japan. On top of that, the Chinese began building a fleet capable of interfering with Japans seaborne trade. Being an island nation, this was seen as a threat to national survival. So, no more mister nice guy. And better eyes in the sky, if you don't mind, as well.




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