Murphy's Law Article Archive 2008


Obsolete Life SaversGunrunning To ZimbabweHow Wall Street Supports Islamic Terrorism
Baggage Screening Gone BadNon-Lethal HeadlinesKing Of The Khyber Pass
Bleak HouseSuffer the FishesTurks Seek Killer Drones
The Bountiful Bribes From BAEMaking The F-22 Too Expensive To Stop BuildingThe Wallaby Menace
The War On BuggeryThe French Came To ListenApaches Dying In British Service
F-22 Battle Gets ViciousDiscreet Mercenaries In AfricaScrewing Russia In The Aftermarket
Pandora's BoxThe Fatal Phony FlawGreece And Turkey
Sailors Pay To Go NativeThe Phantom UAVs of TurkeyRisky Business
Grounded By Oil PricesWestern Europe Sets An ExampleWill It Ever End?
Reservists Get Screwed By RobotsCivil Defense IllusionsChina Attacks Japan And Gets Away With It
Where Legal Vigilantes RoamAll Your Base Are Belong To UsThe Curse Of The Cache
Mighty MiG Fades AwayThe Gunrunners Of ParisSteal Only When You Can Afford To
What Is Left BehindWhere The Headlines LiveFatal Flaw Of The F-22
The Bad Luck Of The IrishThe Secret Shipment To South SudanAngel Fire Toasts Constant Hawk
Merchants Of SuccessGetting The Red Air Force Off The GroundWhere This Mess Came From
Spear Fishing In KoreaFighter Pilot Shortage Sells F-35sJSS Budgeted To Death
Light As A Feather, And Just As UsefulStealing TimeCamp Followers In Iraq
Israeli Military Sales To Georgia ContinueOlder Is Better?Handling The Hard Core In Captivity
Bribing PakistanOld Reliable Keeps FlyingMarines Master The V-22 Quick Step
Weak Dollars Make Mighty MunitionsWhere The French Never SurrenderHizbollah Ready For Another Rocket War
Silly Games ReturnSerious Soldier Scams In South Korea Righteous Wreckers Rule
Brits Fret Over Starving TroopsFCS Gets Absorbed By RFIHow The F-16 Pilot Shot Up That SUV
Communications MagicGetting Out Of Harms WayFighter Pilots Soar and Seethe
Necessary CriminalsHeroic Chinese Rescue HelicoptersCanadian UAV Rules Are Different
The Taliban Want To Get PaidPresent And AvailableIraqi Night Vision For Sale
Peace Destroys the French ArmyDefective Parts In F-15sThe Army Is Safer Than College
Russian Mercenaries Over AfricaHelpful Software Wrecks The NavyRussia's Phantom Fleet Buildup
Outrunning The Budget AxeDelighting Demobilized DeminersTrade In Old Missiles For New Ones
Handle With CareDry Cleaning CatastropheThe Secrets of Arab Success
Japan Legalizes Spy SatsI Want My MTVWhy Indian R&D Sucks
The Bone Does Bad BetterThe AK-47 Wants To Be FreeChinese Gunrunners Persist
French Fighters Over IcelandChechen BrotherhoodB-1B Bested By B-52
Pilots (Literally) RuleThe Mysterious Half Million Chinese AK-47sTweet In The Twilight
Old FriendsNon-Violent Attacks In IraqFractal Camo For Ships and Planes
Sex, Booze and Troop ControlTurkish DelightThe Curse of Ancient Aircraft
Bribes Break Bonds With IndiaWeaponizing PlayStationTalibanCare
No Work At HomeRemember Iraq?The Wild Frontier
Cash Only AfricaSneaking Past the BureaucratsThe Russians Are Coming
Killer Chick Joins the LuftwaffeNew Ain't As New As It Used To BeScrew The Troops
Billing The DeadIt's Raining SatellitesKeeping F-22s On The Ground
Bribery BluesBlue Force Tracker BluesIs It Safe?
China's ShameThe Chinese LifelineBut That Would Be Illegal
America's Secret ArmyEyes On The BattlefieldU.S. Army Building Boom



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