Murphy's Law Article Archive 2010


Nuclear Scientists For SaleA Model ProgramNorth Korea Prepares For Some Kind Of War
Aces DecodedSkeletons In China's ClosetJealousy Or Jeopardy
Yesterday's Technology TodayLandmines ForeverChina Opens The Unfriendly Skies
Facebook Users Will Be Shot At DawnLost In Afghanistan How Does This Grab You?
Free Is No FunDeadly MusicWhy Lawyers Are The Most Lethal Anti-Aircraft Weapon
A Very Lucrative and Deadly LieThe Sad Saudi SecretArab Money And Fear Of the Turks Saves The Day
Russia Invades Afghanistan AgainDutch CourageWhen Ejection Seats Fail
South Korean Choppers Dying OutThe Kids Were ImpressedThe Chinese Curse
Merlin Got Lost In PortugalCanada Cannot Be BoughtIt's Dead, Really Dead, This Time
The Endless ExorcismGrowing Old UnpredictablyHomeland Defense In Afghanistan
Explosive ArcheologyThe Secret Policeman's Beach ResortTerrorists Thwarted By A Tweet
MiG-29 Misery ContinuesMedia Misperceptions Of The Last Decade Eleven American Combat Brigades Remain In Iraq
Too Tied Up To BuyThe Naming Of The PartsJapan Wants To Rewrite World War II
The Impossible Dream Of A European ForceJ-11s Briefly Appear Over TibetThe USAF Has Another Pilot Shortage
UAVs Deal With A Horrible Past And Scary FutureChina Builds A Legal Rolls Royce That WorksGurkha Soldier Arrested For Battlefield Bravery
It's The Stress, StupidThe U.S. Navy And Internal RotThe Curse Of Old Soldiers
Chinese Sub Sailors Stop StarvingDisappearing In AmericaIraq And The Toxic Secrets
The Frightening Failure To Fix Failed StatesThe Good Little Pirate Versus The Organ ThievesIt's Good For Business
Why Blackhawk Ain't HipThe Long Shadow of Ataturk99 Red Balloons
Turkey And The Long ConVideo Warriors Reveal Their SkillzBribes, Bombs And Blind Faith
China Chooses Cheap For New PilotsThose Savages At The CIAWhy The Taliban Fear Cannabis
Iraq Fades But Does Not DisappearChina And The Illegal Conversion That Does Not ExistAmericans Flying Russian Gunships In Combat
The Threat From WithinThe Pirates Next DoorIraq And The Poverty Of Riches
The Long And Winding Road To DeathMegan Fox Sweats While the USAF MeltsBribes Fight To Survive
Cell Phone Shutdown Stymied AgainHIMARS Is Shot Down By A PatentPilots Shot Down By F-35s
Stress From StressCompromised Camouflage The Eternal Scam
Hogs Of The ForsakenThe Chinese Back DoorKyrgyzstan Holds Another Auction
France Backs Away From The Chinese ThreatTwice As Fast, Twice As CostlyDam Busting Russian Bombers At Work
Protection MoneyB-2s And BoomersLittle Things Ruin Careers
Russian Helicopters You Can't Even Give AwayThe Chinese MenaceBad Language And Good Officers
Looks Good On Paper, But Cannot FightKurds Kill The Iraqi ArmyWhat You Need Are More Lawyers
The Mysterious Missing MissilesNo MiG-29s, PleaseKeep The Noise Down And Stop Complaining
The Brotherhood Of BulletsIt Smells Like The UN At WorkThe Gunrunners Of Sudan
The Yemeni ChokepointThe Missing Mirage MoneyApple Goes After Terrorists
Chinese Embargo FailingAll Your Nukes Are Belong To UsGlobal Dynamics
Not Tough EnoughThe Truth About Wonder WeaponsRules Are Made To Be Broken
Why Politicians Want Them DumbMoslems Fighting Moslems Becomes RespectableBigger Isn't Always Better
Why Yemen Loves Saddam HusseinDingo Dinged By Dirty FuelUse It, Or (Quietly) Lose It
Airlines Lose Their Military Edge



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