Murphy's Law Article Archive 2013


The Perfect Holiday Gift In RussiaIndia Drags Jet Fighter To The Finish LineCrises In The Russian Nuclear Sub Industry
Syria Becomes The Arab ShameThe Truth About The Iranian 28th FleetThe Speed Of Need Has Changed Everything
Gripen Competes On Price And Being Good EnoughThe Good Old Days Are Gone For GoodArab Smart Bombs Reveal Much
US Army Survives ReformBureaucrats Win While The RAF LosesLandmines Survive The Hate
Why Iran And North Korea Don't Give A DamnA Matter Of InterpretationOld Aircraft Carrier Sold For A Penny
The Clue Shortage In AfghanistanPolitically Correct HateBut It Looked So Good On Paper
Be Safe Or Be GoneThe Tragic But True Fate Of The 707Iran And the Weapons Of The Future
Faster, Cheaper And Out Of ControlThe Future Of Prison SecurityThe Art Of Scam In Afghanistan
Iraqi Air Force Falling ApartFollowing Orders To The Easy MoneySouth Africa Loses Use Of Its new Gripens
We Are Too Important To Be ResponsibleThe Age of Excessive Firepower FadesThe Forgotten
Russia And The Death Of InnovationSave The 70 Percent SolutionTales Of The Forbidden TEL
Secrets To Die ForIsrael And The Misleading Saudi SignThe UAV Collision Myth
Myths Of The Modern MilitaryThe Age Of The Dirt Fighter FadesFrance Shows Russia The True Way
Afghan Honor And Empty GravesHow Islam Breeds Defeat In The AirHow The Generals Learned To Tolerate The Internet
The Search For Politically Correct WeaponsThe Chinese Edge Over South AsiaRussian Diplomats Wield Their Missiles Deftly
Israel Gets An Unwanted Gift From AmericaThe Maintenance Mess MutatesThe Sad Death Of Euro Hawk
Searching For Mister BigA Melancholy Milestone For MiGChina Bans Military Hotrods
North Korea And The High Tech HorrorThe Occupation BonusJustice Delayed Is Better Than Nothing
India Prepares For Another Chinese VictoryThe Best Military Bribes Can BuySaving Soldiers From Good Intentions
Is There Anything An F-16 Cannot Do?In Russia Everything Is For SaleGermany Backs Away From The Eurotrash
Still Paying For The American Civil WarTech Versus DeterminationThe Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma
Russian Mercenaries In ChinaThe New Navy WayCriminals For The Cause
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The TimeWhy Contractors Won't Go AwayAfghanistan Loses Heavenly Intervention
Why All The Fuss About UAVsArabs And The Palestinian ParadoxThe Iranian Stealth Fighter Scam
Arab Spring UnwoundAmphibious American UAVs Invade The PhilippinesNot Fade Away
Greed And The Safer AircraftFatal DistractionsMisogyny Matters In Afghanistan
Military-Industrial Deathmatch



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