Murphy's Law Article Archive 2016


The Empire Prepares For War Once MoreThe Tradition Of Repeatable FailureThe Russian Myth Maker Missile
Some Wars Are Not What They Used To BeToo Useful To LoseWhat Was Old Is Now New Again
Clash Of CulturesReviving The IllusionHistory Repeats Itself So Quickly
Using Robots To Deal With RobotsThe Past Usually Catches UpIsraeli UAVs Based In Syria
The Triumph Of EvilA Renewable ResourceThe UN Awakens In Korea
The Scary World Of Near PeerHell Hath No Fury Like A Bureaucrat ScornedSurvival Outranks Politics
Chinese Pirates Have A Powerful PatronThe Impact Of TraditionFollow The Oil Money
What You Ignore Will Kill YouThe Reboot GenerationIndia Fights The Facts
F-35 Users ReportThe Ultimate MotivatorNo Good Deed Goes Unexploited
NATO Has An Incurable DiseaseVampire PoliticsArmed UAVs Rapidly Replacing Manned Bombers
The Lessons Of IraqHistory Repeats Itself In SwedenExpensive Headlines
A Difference Of DefinitionIron Curtain Replaced By The Paper WallAmerican Ground Troops Return To Iraq
Rebuilding AA7A1s For SurvivalStress Kills In Unexpected WaysBrownout
The Realities Of Defense SpendingThe Rise And Fall And Revival Of WargamesWhere Africa Leads The Way
Short Term Solutions For Long Term ProblemsDutch And German Navy MergerImmaculate Deception
Europe Invaded By Refugee ScamsChinese Fighter Pilots Over ArizonaAmerica Mysteriously Denies Arab Allies New Aircraft
Lies That KillThe Paid AmericansHow To Escape From North Korea



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