Murphy's Law Article Archive 2009


Islamic Terrorists TarnishedAdultery And Screwing SubordinatesMalaysia And The Missing Jet Engine
Arabian Nightmare For IranA Picture Is Worth Total ConfusionTat's Rule
The Ten Chechen RuleKhat Fight In YemenSu-30s Swarm To North Africa
Sailors Selling Helicopters In Central AsiaTaliban Secrets For SaleThe Czar's Government Survives
Pissed Off Bear: 2, Islamic Terrorists: 0Never Bring A Knife To A Gun FightFor Want Of A Nail…
Herr Oberst Was CorrectTrashing The MiG-29The F-22 Overwhelms
Where There Is No LawThe Flying Cash MachineThe Speedboat And National Security
A Smart Bomb With A HeartF-22 In The Persian GulfThe Incredible Disappearing Walther-P1s
Fried Foods Win The Air WarF-22s In The MistWhat's In A Name
The Curse Of The AK-47Chaos Would ResultA Reliable View Of The Future
The Usual Suspects Garand Gold Discovered In South Korea The Last Iranian AWACs Goes Down For Good
The Mysterious MiG MessLearn By Doing It WrongSave Me Lord, But Not Just Yet
Slower But SaferMommy Goes Marching Off To WarThe Small Print
A Date That Will Live In InfamyOlder Is More Dangerous And UnpredictableThis Gig Sucks
Russia And The Cost Of WarThe Polish Missiles And IranIt's Complicated, Too Complicated
Killing The KGB MythThe Billion Dollar Death MatchIndian Nuclear Sub Running On Empty
Mutant M-16s In BurmaThe Mythical Mister CleanCracking Down On Cramming
An Ill WindGoogle Earth In PakistanThe Fatal Credit Score
Eternal JoyThe CurseWhat Really Happened?
Poisonous GroundWhy F-22s Are LosersIt's Too Hot
Britain Halts Weapons Exports To IsraelPirates Become Major Arms MerchantLimping Pilots Keep UAVs On The Ground
Blood EmeraldsTrust Will Cost You ExtraSu-24s Allowed To Try To Fly Again
All Your Landmines Are Belong To UsAll The News That ...Love For Sale (Airbases Too)
Stabs In The BackAWACS Attacks Afghan Aerial AnarchyLawyers Seek To Control The Battlefield
USN Turns On The F-18The Green Dam BurstsFriendly Fire With Lasers
Symbolic RetributionThe Black Ambulances Of GazaThe Army-Navy Game In Britain
Don't Try This At Home KidsYou Have Been WarnedGoing Home From Guantanamo
The Mustard RunYou Can't Fix The ProblemKicking The Russians In The Engines
Selling The Su-30MKReal Punishment For Phony VeteransLooting The Dead
EuroHawk BustedPakistan PuzzlesThe Mythical Cheap F-22 Is Real
Iraqi Terrorists Are Safe In DenmarkIran Seeks Israeli SpiesHuman Error
Frozen Helmet Gets ScrewedThe Wonder Weapon That Wasn'tTurning A Killer Bee Into A Bat
Iran Survives The ScamsLaser InaccuracyThe P-8 Flies, Sort Of
Cylons 1, Humans 0Penetrating Palestinian Propaganda PloysDirty Oil Jams Up George Bush
Chinese Gamers Go To WarBusted Budget Causes ChaosIslamic Gangsters
New Eyes For MaverickWeapons That Died From Too MuchFight, For The Right, To Bribe
Semper Gumby In ActionGolden Lies Too Good To IgnoreRed Sea Mysteries revealed
This Is Not A JokeSwiss MissGetting Ready For The Next Iraq
The Fifth ElementFree Jet Fighters Find No TakersIt's Not Easy Being MALD
Russian Missiles In IranWe Didn't Mean, WhateverRussian Bases In Venezuela
China Punks The USN The Grateful DeadThe Marines Show The Army
Russia Thwarts Chinese PiratesHow To Screw Friends And Alienate PeopleColossal Cock-up Continues
Liars Are Executed in Afghanistan It's A Jungle Down ThereSyria Recycles Nuclear Research Center
Islam Will Self-Destruct In…How To Cut The B-2 Price 90 PercentF-22 Magic Backfires
Smart Machines That DeceiveUntraceable Cell Phones PrevailSelling Blind
Managing the Martial RacesHawk Hampered By Troublesome TraditionsCold War Nostalgia Comes Alive
Alexander The Greatest Friend Of ArabsThe Afghan Crime WaveNaif "The Knife" Cuts Both Ways
Watching Out For Kids With GunsHomeless Terrorists Need Your HelpIraqis Demand Death And Taxes
The Terrorist Supermarket In PakistanEgypt Keen To Keep Hamas BribesAny Means Necessary
Transforming Trainers To KillersThe Low Bidder And John DoeSloppiness and Sabotage
The Bladder BluesTurkey And The Sword Of IsraelThat's Really An Order, Not A Request



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