Murphy's Law Article Archive 2007


Sue The BastardsIsraeli UAVs For TurkeyA Nasty Business
How Russia Screws ItselfMedia Magic Revives Dead MissileThe Billion Dollar Blueprint Mystery
The Second Hand Warship BluesThe Chinese DilemmaReality and Desperation
Foraging Replaces Mess HallsWho Guards The GuardsScrambling For Slots
The Promotion TrapWhat UAVs Do In Their Spare TimeScrewed By The Standard
What You Get For Your MoneyWounded Troops Denied GunsScrewing With Superweapons
North Korean Bi-Plane BluesWe Want It AllThe Same, But Different
Pakistan Has a Plan, And It's WorkingCulture Shock and F-16sPolitically Correct Call Signs
Unnatural ActsThe Military Technical Revolution Comes HomeChina Plunders Russian Military Technology
An Ill WindThe Lady VanishesRussian Claims That Theirs is Bigger
The Orphans Make GoodAn Offer You Can't Refuse From FranceDecoration Decorum
Serial Numbers RemovedWarplanes For AnyoneTwo Is Good For You
Fun With NumbersRussian Billionaire Seeks to Buy a B-52If It's Good Enough For Jack Bauer...
Hosing Down Hot UAVsGuns For ButterMiGs That Earn Their Keep
Robot Wranglers in Big DemandThe SearchersCSOs Master the World
Iwo Jima DisappearsTwisted Taliban PoliticsDivided By a Common Language
Ammo Does Not Age WellWhy More Female Fighter PilotsFrench Weapons Not Getting Enough Juice
Unused Veterans BenefitsWhy 50 Year Old Tanks Are Still Worth HavingI Got The Iraq Fuel Convoy Blues
Fear FactorPhony Vietnam Vets ProliferateForeign Mercenaries in Europe
Stealing the PastGentle Japan Drops a Live OneCouples in the Cockpit
No Free Lunch in CyprusI Learned Calculus in BaghdadLost Their Way To Iraq
You Too Can Be an Arms SmugglerThe Baghdad Droid HospitalBlood Bank Blues
MALD Muddles AlongSwedes Perfect Spontaneous EjectionHow Dumb Do You Think We Are?
Spies and BureaucratsWhen Being Common Is An AdvantageNATO Threatens War With Russia
Naming NamesRussia Deploys a Truly Horrible WeaponWiMax Goes to War
About Those Mysterious Canadian Coins...Lawyers as a DisabilityPanzer Armee Canada Died For Our Sins
SEALs Ignore Legal Advice to SurviveBean Counters Go To WarPractical Treatments for PTSD
Staying Alert In The Face Of DangerAfghanistans Secret AlliesDon't Go Near The Water
The Revolving Door for Predator PilotsThe Interface SucksGravity 1, Flight Simulators 0
Russian Weapons Discover Intellectual PropertyUSMC Shuns Marked MenWhen Realities Collide
The Cold War Lives On in the German ArmyThe King of TrapsLynx Laid Low by Scarce Spares
The Anti-Recruiting MovementWhy Die for a Headline?Why The Cost Overrun Survives
Fear of Roads in AfghanistanTorpedomen CancelledWhy F-22s Cannot Fly Into Tomorrow
Iranian Hardliners Have a Little Civil WarProtecting Prince HarryFear of Flying in Iraq
Chinas Rapidly Evolving Air ForceWhy the Stinger Unit Was Sent to IraqHow Austria Supports Terrorists
How Microsoft Vista Helps TerroristsARH-70 Lost In Development HellOrphan U.S. Sub Seeks Good Home
Civilian Medics Show the WayBribes and Weapons ContractsThe Myth of the Broken Army
China's National Defense in 2006Silly String Goes to WarFields of Grass
Short People and Old Ships



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