Murphy's Law: Why F-22s Cannot Fly Into Tomorrow


March1, 2007: Recently, American F-22 fighters were sent, for the first time, across the Pacific, to Japan, for a training exercise. This would be the first time the aircraft would cross the International Date line, where it is tomorrow, and the aircrafts GPS and navigation software would handle the date change. There were problems. All off a sudden the software that ran the navigation and communications systems wasn't working too well. Being in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this was a problem. Some of the pilots were able to reboot their software and make the problem go away, but this did not always work, so all the aircraft turned around and returned to Hawaii. Those aircraft that still had malfunctioning navigation software, followed other aircraft back. The contractor quickly found the fixed the problem (the routines for crossing the International Date Line, and changing the date, were not well thought out and tested.) To quote Murphy's Law; "Whatever can go wrong, will, and at the worst possible time."




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