Murphy's Law: Wounded Troops Denied Guns


November 4, 2007: The U.S. Congress has much support for new laws that would make it more difficult for anyone with a mental condition to buy a gun. Reasonable enough, especially when you toss in efforts to keep firearms away from suicidal veterans. But as many of these proposals are written, this would include combat veterans who had any kind of brain injury or have been diagnosed combat stress. The U.S. Army and Marines has already been having problems with getting troops, with subtle (hard to detect) brain injuries from roadside bombs, and combat fatigue (or PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder), to seek treatment. Mental illness scares people, always has, probably always will. Now, a law that would further penalize those troops seeking treatment, is shaping up to be a major setback. A disproportionate number of troops are recreational shooters or hunters, or the kind of folks who like to keep a gun around for protection. A threat to their ability to own guns is, for many, worth staying away from admitting to any brain injuries or PTSD.




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