Murphy's Law: It's Good For Business


June 26, 2010: Local police continue to put on a media show over the January 19th killing, in Dubai, of the head of the Hamas weapons smuggling operation (Mahmoud al Mabhouh). The latest Dubai response to all this is to spend $136 million to increase the number of security cameras (currently 25,000), along with camera quality and length of time videos are kept. Dubai believes that it has tracked down the killers, and has revealed that a large number of Israelis were moving in and out of Dubai using false passports at the time. Left out of that story was the fact that a lot of people do that, and Dubai looks the other way as long as the visitors spend money and behave. That has applied to Mossad agents, as well as Islamic terrorists, Iranian smugglers and all manner of affluent criminal scum. For the locals, it's just business.

Israel is blamed for Mabhouh's demise, but no conclusive (but lots of circumstantial) proof is presented, daily, in an ongoing media campaign apparently intended to please Iran, and the many other wealthy lowlifes that bring much shady business to Dubai. The unspoken rule is that you can do whatever illegal business you want in Dubai, as long as you do not make a mess, bother any of the other guests (no matter how much you might want to kill some of them) or embarrass Dubai. Israel broke all these rules, and Dubai is determined to make it clear that this sort of thing will not be tolerated. It’s just good business.

Dubai is not oil rich, and is bankrupt because of a real estate market collapse. Trade with Iran amounts to $12 billion a year, and illegal activity flourishes. Despite being a gangster paradise, Dubai is trying to show that it is cleaning up all the drug and terrorist activity, without doing anything. Thus the daily media circus against Israel and Mossad, showing how Dubai will continue to protect terrorists, gangsters (from all over the world), Iranian operatives and money launderers (for corrupt officials in other nations) doing business there. It's just good for business.





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