Murphy's Law: Iraqi Terrorists Are Safe In Denmark


May 14, 2009: Danish intelligence officials have identified several Iraqi migrants as having participated in terrorist activities. Most notably, the Iraqis have run a recruiting and transportation network that identified Moslems in Europe and North Africa who were willing to carry out terrorist attacks in Iraq, and supplied them with transportation, via Syria, to terrorist groups in Iraq. The Danish intel people worked with their counterparts in Germany, Morocco and other countries, to identify the Iraqi migrants (particularly Amer Saeed) who were running this network from Denmark.

The Danish government attempted to deport the Iraqis back to Iraq (on the grounds that their pro-terrorist beliefs made them unfit to enjoy asylum in Denmark). The deportation was blocked by lawyers pleading that the Iraqi terrorists would be at risk  of mistreatment by Iraqi police interrogators, or murder at hands of families of those killed by Islamic terrorists the Danish Iraqis helped get into Iraq. Thus, on humanitarian grounds, the Iraqi terrorists continue to live in Denmark.




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