Procurement: Poland Is Depending On It


June 16, 2014: Alarmed at the recent surge of in Russian aggression against its neighbors (namely in Ukraine), Poland is trying to speed up its long range (2013-2022) military modernization plan. This effort is to cost $43 billion and accelerating some of the purchases means borrowing more money or making cuts in the non-defense parts of the budget. Given the popular fear of Russian aggression, it looks like the money will be found.

The military wants to get some weapons quickly. These in include JASSM long-range (over 400 kilometers) smart bombs, the locally developed WR300 rocket system (similar to the U.S. MLRS, including a 300 kilometer long range version), large (Predator class) UAVs, a second coast defense battalion (armed with NSM anti-ship missiles) and attack helicopters. Poland was already getting some cooperation from the U.S. on most of these projects and is hoping for more. Given Poland’s long history of Russian oppression (invasions, occupations and double-dealing of all sorts) the U.S. has found Poland eager to confront any Russians moves to the west, especially if Poland’s new membership in NATO proves useful. Poland has often been left high and dry by the West in the past when it came to Russian aggression. This was especially the case in 1939 and even most Western leaders agree that Poland deserves better this time around. Poland is depending on it.





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