Attrition: Recruiting Continues Strong


January25, 2007: The U.S. military again made its recruiting goals in December, 2006. In addition, the people already in the service continued to re-enlist at above average (pre-2001) levels. While there was a shortfall in the reserves for a few years, especially in the army, the U.S. Army reserve and National Guard are now at 99 percent of authorized strength. While much of this is due to the troops, and recruits, believing in the war on terror, and wanting to be involved, the military has also used bonuses and generally good and respectful treatment of the troops in order to maintain unusually high morale for a wartime situation. But recruiters will tell you that their biggest obstacle has been several years of strong economic growth. This has produced record low unemployment levels. This has always been the biggest problem when trying to entice young men and women to join the armed forces.




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